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Katniss ---- Puffball

2-5 years


2 years  |  Female  |  High needs  |  Friendly  |  Affectionate

Katniss has come to the shelter because the family were struggling to manage her high needs.

Katniss is quite a character. She is like a little cloud floating around the room! Katniss is friendly and affectionate, she loves a warm lap and a cuddle. Katniss is deaf so needs to be kept indoors only or harness trained for outdoor excursions. Due to her puffball fur and squashed face she requires a lot of special attention to her grooming, which takes up a lot of time each day. She needs regular fur trims on her undercarriage and rear, as well as daily brushing. Also her eyes and face need to be cleaned twice daily as they get very gunky, thankfully she is very well behaved and enjoys her grooming sessions. Katniss has previously lived with children and was ok, she must be the only pet though. 

Katniss will be best suited to someone who has previous experience with this breed as there is much more work that goes into their care. 

SKU: 10000-45 TAGS: Affectionate, Special Needs, Friendly

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