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Momo---- Your new best bud

10+ years


13 years  |  Male  |  Senior foster  |  Nervous  |  Affectionate  |  Talkative

 Momo has come to the shelter because after a relationship spilt neither were able to take care of him long term.

Momo is a vocal chap who loves routine and attention. He can be nervous in new situations but will bond very closely with his chosen person and be your best buddy. He likes to sleep in bed snuggled up with his person and be involved in everything that they are doing. He must be an only pet and in a home without children. He will likely be happiest in a quiet home with just 1-2 people. Momo likes to have some outdoor space, but he has hunted birds in the past so a Smart collar will be wise. Momo is hyperthyroid and on daily medication.

Due to Momo's age and health needs he is part of our Care for Life foster program.

SKU: 10000-2 TAGS: Nervous, Affectionate, Talkative

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