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Mini --- Not-so-mini lovebug

10+ years


12 years  |  Female  |  Affectionate  |  Smoochy  |  Lap-cat 

Mini was surrendered to us as she wasn't coping in a multi-cat household and prior to this she lived with a dog who she didn't get along with. 

Mini is a huge smooch who loves human interaction. She adores being patted and scratched under the chin, and likes to curl up on your lap/in your bed or sunbathe in a sunny spot. Mini has a history of itchy paws that can become a bit red and patchy but regular flea treatments seem to keep them under control (from the previous owners experience).

Mini is best suited to a home with no other pets. She would be ok in a home with older, gentle children that have grown up with cats. Mini would ideally love human company throughout the day so a flatting situation or a person/people who work from home would mean she gets the company she craves! Mini prefers to be inside than outside, but has no problem with toileting outside and using a cat door. She doesn't really hunt and has caught the odd mouse over the years.

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