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Leeloo -- Loyal follower

5-10 years


9 years  |  Female  |  Loyal  |  Shy  |  Affectionate

Leeloo was surrendered to us as her family were moving overseas. She was living with her daughter on a lifestyle block. Her daughter found a new place to live but Leeloo is still on the hunt for her forever home.

Leeloo is a shy but sweet lady with a glossy black coat and a cute white half moustache. She enjoys pottering about with her human whether it's around the house or out in the garden, but would prefer to let you know when she's in the mood to be snuggly. Leeloo will come and sit on your lap or smooch your legs for a pat. She can have weepy eyes from time to time due to a flu she had as a kitten but has not required medication or further work up.

Leeloo will be happiest with indoor/outdoor access as she had a big paddock in her old home she liked to patrol. She has lived with a gentle child before so could be ok with children who have had pets growing up and/or understand their body language. Leeloo isn't a fan of other cats and is scared of dogs so would be best as the only pet. Leeloo is a hunter of mice.

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