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Tutu -- Pretty queen

10+ years


13 years  |  Female  |  Friendly  |  Playful  |  Senior foster 

Tutu was surrendered to us as her owner was moving in with family who have two large dogs so sadly couldn't bring Tutu with them.

Tutu is a slender but gorgeous grey girl who is very friendly with everyone she meets. She likes to explore as she is quite curious in nature, and enjoys playing with toys and being loved on.

Tutu is wary of other cats and dogs so we would like her to be homed as an only pet. We have been told she is ok around gentle children. She likes indoor and outdoor access but is not a big hunter like she was back in her youth.

Due to her age, Tutu is a senior foster.

SKU: 10000-2 TAGS: Friendly, Playful, Female, Medical foster, Short hair, Good with kids

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