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Mahla -- No more stress, please!

10+ years


14 years  |  Female  |  Nervous  |  Affectionate 

This pretty, tortieshell, older lady has come into our care as she has been finding her home increasingly stressful, both with neighbourhood 'bully cats' as well as finding the children - as they grow older - less easy to cope with. This increasing anxiety has resulted in her toileting inappropriately inside the home. 

When she feels safe Mahla is a loving, affectionate girl who will pat your face for attention. She likes head tickles, warm laps, and strokes down her back in the quiet of the evening ( ie when the children had gone to bed) - but she can nip if she gets a fright and at the moment her anxiety levels are high and she is easily spooked.

Mahla used to be a weta hunter ...but she has slowed down and they are too fast for her now! Mahla has an allergy to flea bites so needs to be kept up to date with flea treatment.

Due to her age, Mahla is a senior foster.

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