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Little moosh: remembering Bellah

At CPW, we see hundreds of cats come through the shelter, and every single one is a special personality to us. We care for every cat in the way that’s best for them, even though it hurts more when we have to say goodbye.

It was with huge sadness that we had to gently and peacefully let our precious Bellah go recently. She was kept company to her final sleep by both CPW team leads, and the CPW president.

This is their tribute to Bellah:

“Over the last months we’ve watched Bellah busting to get out of her cage in the morning so that she could head for the water fountain (even though she always had a large water bowl in her cage).

“She would gaze accusingly at whoever hadn’t had the foresight to turn it on already, and glare at Jeremy if he even thought about sharing her fountain.

“She would then potter up step boxes to her preferred couch. We all got used to seeing her curled up on that one couch, totally sound asleep until she became aware of unsuspecting cats who got too close (that’s you, Smokey Joe!). She would snuggle into us for cuddles while trying to avoid any suggestion of grooming or claw clipping.

“Her 16 year old self still knew where she belonged, and though arthritis may have slowed her down, it didn’t stop her getting there… even though she would gaze into space at times, “communing with her fairies” as one team lead put it.

“For a long time, cooked chicken was one of her favourite things, as were Puree kisses or Dine treats. All our staff and volunteers would spoil her with treats and love, but we couldn’t stop the physical process of renal failure.

“Those of us who’ve been at the shelter recently had seen her become more wobbly and learned that her thyroid values had become increasingly unstable.

“A vet visit confirmed that her kidneys had deteriorated suddenly, and they were no longer able to function effectively. Age had finally caught up with her and we made the only kind decision we could.

“We’ll all so miss her crazy little face and potato shaped furriness; the strength of her determined march to her personal couch matched only by her sweet, sweet soul.

“RIP precious one.”


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