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Desex your cat

Desexing cats helps reduce the number of unwanted cats in Wellington.

We know the cost of desexing stops many owners from getting their cats fixed. That’s why we help pay for some desexing operations.

With the support of our amazing vets in the Wellington area, we can offer desexing at $40 for males and $65 for females to owners who are eligible.

Rehome your cat

We understand that cats can need to find new homes for all sorts of reasons.

When cats suddenly have nowhere to go, we can make sure they are fed, healthy and loved until they find new homes.

We look after the cats in our shelter for as long as it takes to find them the right new home. This means we have a waiting list for cats to come in, and this can vary from a couple of weeks to several months.

Trap a cat

We have traps which can be used to rescue cats.

They are available to people who need to recover a lost cat, or are catching a cat to bring into the shelter as agreed with CPW.

If a cat or kitten is to be taken to the SPCA, we will check this arrangement with the SPCA before lending the trap.

Borrowers must provide a cash bond to borrow a trap (usually $50), and complete a trap loan contract with all their contact details. They must collect the trap from the shelter and return it.

Traps are usually lent for up to two weeks, but an extension may be agreed with CPW. If the trap is not returned, we will recover the cost of the trap.

Please note: traps can’t be set on public land.

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