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Desex your cat

Desexing your cat is the right thing to do.

Making sure that cats can't reproduce helps keep down the number of unwanted cats in Wellington. 

Many unwanted cats are dumped and end up as strays, leading dangerous and unhealthy lives.

We know the cost of desexing stops many owners from getting their cats fixed. That’s why we help pay for some desexing operations.

With the support of our amazing vets in the Wellington area, we can offer desexing at a cost of either $40.00 or $41.00 for a male (neuter), and either $59.50 or $65.00 for a female (spey).


If you have a Community Services Card or Student ID and live in the Wellington area, you may be eligible for this offer. 
If you don’t meet our criteria but cannot afford to get your cat desexed at normal vet rates, email us:

The fee is paid to the vet when you make the appointment for surgery. Payment can be made by debit or credit card over the phone, or in person at the clinic.

If a female cat is found to be pregnant (less than 6 weeks), you will need to pay another $20 to cover the extra cost of the operation.

Due to demand for this service, there is a wait time of at least a month for most appointments, and more than two months in some places. Please plan ahead to ensure your cat is kept secure until they can be desexed. 


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