The 2022 CPW calendars are out!

If you enjoy seeing our shelter cats and hearing of their adventures, this calendar is a delicious treat for you – and an excellent present for your cat-loving friends and family. 

Each month features a CPW cat lovingly photographed and includes their own unique story including Storm, Ninja, Puff, Sophie, Mystery and friends. It’s a whole year of happy ever afters!

Our full-colour, ringbound calendars are printed on quality silk-matte card (measuring 20x20cm or 30cmx30cm), with the support of our awesome printers Wakefield Digital. 

Get yours now!

Access to shelter

At Level 2 appointments are available 12  4pm on Saturday and Sundays. Please note that all people in the household must attend the appointment.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering a particular cat, we suggest you read their profile on the website to see if they are suitable for your situation.

You can call the shelter on 04 389 9668 to make an appointment. There will be a short phone interview before making the booking. Please bear with us as we have one phone line and need to maintain our usual care of the cats with a limited number of volunteers.

Every year in Wellington, hundreds of cats become homeless.

When cats suddenly have nowhere to go, CPW can make sure they are fed, healthy and loved until they find new homes. 

Our shelter is a comfortable place where the cats can choose to relax on large sofas or a sunny deck, or find a quiet hidey hole of their own.

We're passionate about keeping each cat happy, and matching them with the best forever home.

Open to visitors on Saturday and Sunday by appointment from 12pm – 4pm for adoptions only.

Adopt a cat

Our priority is to find the right homes for the right cats. 

We get to know our cats, so we know what will make them happy.

All of our cats are vet-checked regularly, desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and treated for worms and fleas.

The adoption fees are $80 for one cat or $120 for two, and can be paid by cash or eftpos.

Have a look at the cats we currently have available for adoption.

Tune into CPW TV!

It's true - we now have our own channel, where you can see all our CPW cat videos!

Click on the picture to see Koby do his teeny tiny meow, or click here to see the whole selection: CPW Youtube channel.

Enjoy our CPW screen stars, and the little insights into how we keep our cats happy until they find their forever homes!

Featured cats

New desexing costs

The cost of desexing stops many owners from getting their cats fixed, so we can help pay for some desexing operations.

Please note our prices have just gone up, but they are still very low because of the support we get from some awesome vets in the Wellington area.

The subsidised cost through our programme is now $40 for males and $65 for females to eligible owners.



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