Every year in Wellington, hundreds of cats become homeless.

When cats suddenly have nowhere to go, we can make sure they are fed, healthy and loved until they find new homes. Our shelter is a comfortable place where the cats can choose to relax on large sofas or a sunny deck, or find a quiet hidey hole of their own.

Cats Protection Wellington has dedicated volunteers and staff, who care for the cats and take the time to get to know their personalities, likes and dislikes. We’re passionate about keeping each cat happy, and matching them with the best forever home.

Open to visitors on Saturday and Sunday: 

  • 12pm – 3pm: Appointments for adoptions only
  • 3pm – 4pm: No appointment needed, but no adoptions at this time.

Adopt a cat

We have up to 40 cats at our shelter, ranging from 9 months to more than 20 years old. Because there are lots of cats to choose from, give yourself plenty of time to meet them. 

You are making a long-term commitment so time spent choosing the right cat is very important. Our friendly staff will talk with you to help match the right cat with the right home.

All of our cats are vet-checked regularly, desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and treated for worms and fleas.

The adoption fees are $80 for one cat or $120 for a pair, and can be paid by cash or eftpos.

Have a look at the cats we currently have available for adoption.

CPW 2021 calendars are here!

Once again, we are offering these high quality calendars about our very own cats for 2021.

Each month features a cat who has gone home in the year, with photographs of them in the shelter and in their forever home. The calendars are available in two sizes: 30cm x 30cm ($25) and 20cm x 20cm ($20).

All proceeds go towards keeping all the cats in our shelter warm, fed, healthy and loved until they are adopted or fostered into their own homes.

Featured cats

Desex your cat

Desexing cats helps reduce the number of unwanted cats in Wellington.

We know the cost of desexing stops many owners from getting their cats fixed. That’s why we help pay for some desexing operations.

With the support of our amazing vets in the Wellington area, we can offer desexing at $30 for males and $50 for females to owners who are eligible.



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