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Remembering Hugo Rusbridge

We were very sad to learn of the recent passing of Hugo Rusbridge, who gave many years of service to Cats Protection Wellington as a volunteer and committee member.

Hugo will be best-remembered by long-standing volunteers from recent years, as he would come in every week to spend hours combing and grooming the cats.

He would go around the whole shelter to give every cat an opportunity to be groomed, usually while fending off several cats who wanted Hugo’s services all to themselves!

Hugo was particularly fond of Godfrey and Jeremy, having known them since they were kittens. He had a special bond with Godfrey (pictured below), who allowed very few people to approach him.

A huge lover of cats, Hugo was owned in his own right by a number of his own felines over the years – all of whom had names that reflected his love of classical music, especially opera and Wagner.

Hugo shared his time and energy with CPW until a few years ago, when an ongoing illness meant that he was sadly unable to continue coming into the shelter.

Although he is no longer with us, Hugo in his white grooming coat – wielding his favourite combs – will be remembered with affection for a long time yet.


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