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Foster a cat

Think you can’t afford an older cat? Think again.

Our unique permanent foster care programme, Care for Life, provides an extra chance at life for elderly cats and cats with long-term health issues.

It can be hard to take one of these cats because of the extra cost of care. 

Care for Life allows us to pay all medical bills associated with each foster cat’s condition, to make it easier for them to get homes. 

Fosterers pay for normal costs such as food and flea treatment, and care for the cat for the rest of their life.

Senior fosters
For cats which are 13 years or older, CPW covers vet costs, and fosterers only need to pay for usual costs such as the food recommended by the vet, flea and worm treatment.

Medical fosters
For cats with specific health issues requiring ongoing veterinary care such as FIV, heart conditions or digestive disorders, CPW covers vet costs associated with that medical condition.

Foster cats often need regular visits to the vet. There is no adoption fee for cats which are going to a foster home.


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