Caring for all our cats costs a lot in food, litter and vet care. 

CPW doesn’t have any government or corporate funding, so we rely on donations from our supporters.

We’re a registered NZ charity. If you’d like to help, you can click on the link below for details on how to donate through internet banking, or you can do this directly through our online shop.


If you love cats, we have the volunteer role for you. 

Our volunteers support the CPW shelter staff to keep our cats healthy, fed and warm until they find their own homes. It’s just as important they’re cuddled, played with, groomed, entertained and loved. 

We always welcome people who would like to join our friendly team.

Become a member

For a small annual amount, you can become a CPW member.

CPW members can vote on important issues, stand for the CPW committee, and provide feedback on the management of the shelter. 

We also send members regular information about the organisation, updates and pictures of current residents, news about rehomed cats, and advice about caring for cats.

If you would like to join CPW as a member, complete the form attached below. This form is fillable, so you can complete it, save it, and then email it to us. Otherwise, you can print it off and either post it or scan it and email it to us.

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If you would like to support us but can’t care for a cat yourself, you can help sponsor Care for Life.

Our unique foster programme provides an extra chance at life for elderly cats and cats with long-term health issues. It allows us to pay all medical bills associated with each foster cat’s condition, to make it easier for them to get homes.

The Care for Life programme is made possible through generous donations from our supporters. We have more than 60 cats in foster care in the Wellington area, such as Dominic, pictured. 

If you are renewing your membership, you still need to complete the form so we can match it to your payment. Thank you!


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