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Watson ---- Loves cuddles

5-10 years


5 years +  |  Male  |  Affectionate  |  Scared of men

Watson was found living as a stray by another rescue, he was badly injured with wounds along his back. He spent a few months recovering in a foster home and has now come to us to find his forever home. Although we don't know what exactly happened to him, we know he is very afraid of men.

Watson can be a tad shy to start but turns into a cuddly affectionate lovebug when he's relaxed. He loves other cats but we are unsure about dogs. Since his rescue, he has been kept indoors only, and due to his stray past, he will likely need to stay indoors for a long period to get him settled. He loves a warm lap and adores pick-up cuddles. He is a dribbler when he's feeling happy! We are unsure how he is with children. 

Watson will need to have a home with fairly constant human company, or a cat friend to spend his time and play with. Due to his fear of men, he is best suited to a female household.

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