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Peppi’s homing miracle

In the first wave of post-Covid demand for our shelter cats, we were thrilled that independent Peppi found her perfect home and family.
Peppi is a feisty, intelligent girl who lost her home when her former person went into care. She was taken to the vet to be put down, but the vet brought her to us instead.
She waited patiently in our shelter for more than a year for the right folks to come along. And then the perfect couple met her, fell in love, and she adored them right away.
We couldn’t have imagined it when she was the most untouchable cat in the shelter. She preferred to defend her solitude with her claws. 
But our amazing volunteers and staff were determined to find the way to her heart, and after many months of play and treats and gentle encouragement, her true nature started to come through. 
Peppi now has her own Instagram account, showing her snuggled up on laps, purring as she’s patted, and playing with her new folks.
We couldn’t be happier to see our independent girl where she finally belongs.


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