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Abbie’s absolute heaven

Tortoiseshell lady Abbie was 14 years old when Wellington’s rental crisis left her without a home of her own.

Her owner sadly couldn’t find a place to live where she could keep Abbie, and she came to CPW in March 2018. She was a little shy, but friendly and keen for affection.
What she didn’t know was that she was exactly what Carolyn, a former volunteer with CPW, was looking for.
Carolyn had volunteered while she was working part-time, and she enjoyed spending time with the cats since she was renting and couldn’t have her own.  
Then in early 2018, she bought an apartment in Wellington and could finally look for a cat to share her home.
Carolyn knew that she needed a cat who would be happy living in a apartment. That almost always means fostering an elderly cat, who isn’t interested in wandering very far, or a cat with other medical needs.
The CPW team knew Carolyn was looking for a special foster, so when Abbie arrived they got in touch. 
Carolyn rushed up to meet her, and loved her right away. She immediately started preparing her new apartment to make it Abbie-friendly and Abbie-safe.
Abbie has multiple health needs, and is on meds for high blood pressure, low potassium and early renal failure.  But that didn’t faze Carolyn in the least.
From her experience as a CPW volunteer, she already understood the level of care Abbie would need, and how to administer medicine safely to cats. 
Abbie was also struggling with anxiety, which often affects cats when they lose their homes suddenly.
While she bonded quickly with Carolyn, she was more cautious about other people, and wouldn’t often come out for visitors. But she has grown braver in her new home. 
“I love seeing her confident enough to go up to people.”
Now if Abbie isn’t napping in her catbed in the lounge, or on a cooling pad in the sunshine, she can be found snuggled up on Carolyn’s bed.
She even has walks outside on her harness, and is content just to potter around in the sunny front courtyard.
“She’ll often scrabble about behind the front steps then just come out covered in fluff. She thinks that’s great.”
Carolyn knows she’ll only have Abbie a few years more.
“You’re going to end up with a broken heart if you get an elderly cat, but it’s worth it,” she says. 
“I didn’t think I would love a cat as much as I love Abbie. The best part of my day is coming home to her.”


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