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New CPW building starts to go up

A new two-storey addition to the CPW shelter is well under way, with the subfloor almost completed. 

The building, which was approved by CPW members in 2019, will provide additional facilities for care of our cats. It will have an additional isolation unit, room to introduce cats to potential adopters, additional storage space, and facilities for staff and volunteers.

After making sure the shelter would still have power and phone connections once construction began, the old house was demolished on 16 November 2020, taking just two hours.

Amazingly - and to our relief - the cats are unaffected by construction noise, with baffling and temporary walls blocking it out. With extra light and heat streaming into the office, it has even become a favourite watching spot for cats to supervise the building activity.

As the office is so close to the building site, entrance to the shelter is now via the garage side door, which still gives us a double door "airlock" entry to keep the cats secure. There is now a canopy over the doorway, and motion sensor lights for volunteers who need to be there in the evening.

Part of the driveway is now fenced off, which means more limited access for visitors with mobility issues, since they can no longer drive up and park right beside the entrance. Sadly there is nothing that we can do about this until the driveway is relaid next year. 

The basement floor slab was laid immediately after the summer break and now the basement’s concrete block walls are rising swiftly. We are working closely with Cranko Architects and DRD Builders on the construction, which is expected to be completed in 2022. 

This project was made possible by a generous legacy from a benefactor, and we look forward to being able to provide even better care for our cats in the future.


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