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New desexing programme prices

Our desexing subsidy programme, which has seen hundreds of cats desexed since it was established in 2014, has raised its prices slightly to meet increasing costs.

CPW provides subsidies for people who hold community services or student ID cards, to make it easier for them to desex their cats. This helps limit the number of unwanted cats in the Wellington region.

The cost of desexing each cat is split between CPW, the participating vet, and the owner. The cost to the owner was previously $30 for male cats and $50 for female cats. It is now $40 for male cats and $65 for female cats.

The programme is supported by six vet clinics: CareVets Johnsonville, CareVets Kapiti, CareVets Porirua, PetVet Silverstream, Tasman Street Vet Centre, and (as of this month) CareVets Wainuiomata.

The payment process is also changing so that payment will be made when the appointment is booked. This is to ensure vets are not out of pocket if the cat is not presented for its appointment.

Please note that due to demand for this service, there is a wait time of at least a month for most appointments, and more than two months in some places. Please plan ahead to ensure your cat is kept secure until they can be desexed.

If a female cat is found to be pregnant at less than 6 weeks, you will need to pay another $20 to cover the extra cost of the operation. If the cat is more than 6 weeks pregnant the operation cannot go ahead at that time.

People who have applied for a desexing subsidy before 1 May will not have to pay the increased fee.

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