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Volumes of support for CPW

Tucked away in Left Bank, just off Cuba Mall, is one of Wellington’s best-loved bookshops. 

Pegasus Books is well-known for its charming maze of rooms, floor to ceiling shelving, cosy reading nooks, quirky art and décor, and climbing ladders.

Owner John Hoskins is a long-time supporter of CPW, and he keeps two collection boxes and CPW information in his shop near the counter. The steady donations show that many of his customers are also generous supporters.

John first opened Pegasus Books in Newtown in 1998, then moved to the current site in 2003. 

He named it after the winged horse who created the Fountain of the Muses by striking his hoof, and therefore inspiration and literature. A colourful winged horse hangs as mascot from the ceiling in the shop’s entry room.

In 2015 Pegasus Books was voted Best Bookshop in Wellington by Concrete Playground, and it’s now in the running for this year’s Best of Capital Awards.

“I’ve always loved cats,” John says. “I lived by the university, where lots of students tended to abandon cats. Cats always found us wherever we were living.”

He’s personally paid to desex more than 50 cats over the years – some were released to a managed colony, and some went to CPW.

Thanks for your long support, John. We appreciate it on behalf of all the cats you’ve helped!
Visit Pegasus Books online.


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