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Powering into paintjob

Two volunteer teams from Wellington Electricity, Northpower and Treescape spent an afternoon each at the shelter recently, as part of their annual community volunteer days.

Between them they prepped the woodwork, wielded the sanders and got a couple of coats of paint on the catwalks out on the Timids Deck. It now looks brighter and whiter (and cobweb free for at least a little while).

Thanks so much for your help, Braden, Rebecca, Bill and Joe (Wellington Electricity), Rachel and Zoe (Northpower), and James and Trish (Treescape).

The cats were totally unconcerned about the noise of the sanders, sleeping through the afternoon.

Above: Braden preps a catwalk for sanding and painting. Below: Zoe pulls nails out ahead of sanding.


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