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Nikau Foundation donates $5k to CPW

Tama is one of our cats who benefits from Nikau Foundation's donation. He has ongoing medical needs due to a number of conditions, and is cared for at the shelter.

Cats Protection Wellington had a massive start to the year for our Care For Life foster programme, with a huge donation from the Nikau Foundation. 

We were very grateful to receive $4,844 from the Foundation’s Eileen Ryan Cats Fund.

The funding will help care for our elderly cats and cats with long-term health issues in the shelter, and vet care after they’re fostered. It can be harder for people to adopt these cats because of ongoing veterinary costs. Care for Life allows us to pay all medical bills for each foster cat’s condition, so they get the homes they deserve.

Nikau Foundation spokesperson Maddie Mcleod said the Eileen Ryan Cats Fund was established to support the wellbeing of cats in line with the late Eileen’s love for animals.

“Cats Protection Wellington was chosen for this grant to honour Eileen’s wishes,” she said. “The fund aims to support the wellbeing of cats.”

Originally established as a Trust in 1997 following the death of local Wellington philanthropist, retired teacher and animal lover Ryan, the fund was established in partnership with Nikau Foundation in 2020. Nikau Foundation was launched in 1991 to grow philanthropy in the Wellington region. It has now granted almost $7 million to community organisations in the Wellington region.

Thank you so much to the Nikau Foundation for your kind support of our Care for Life foster cats!


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