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Bostik's sticky situation

Our cats come from all sorts of situations, but Bostik’s was a little more precarious than most.

He was noticed in the machinery room of a local factory, which houses a moving conveyor belt.

Unlike other feral cats which occasionally find their way into the building complex, this little tabby was clearly friendly and could potentially be rehomed.

One of the factory managers called pest removal company Pestproof Wellington to see if they could rescue the cat. Pestproof rescued CPW cat Mystery in 2020. Production stopped while the cat was trapped, and he was extracted without any injuries. He was taken to Central Vet Hospital for desexing and a checkup, and sadly found to be FIV+. However, he’s otherwise healthy and has a charming personality, so he has a good chance at finding a suitable home.

Bostik also has a new name, in honour of the sticky situation he was lucky enough to escape. Despite his rough living he has clearly been loved by humans at some point. He’s very affectionate and friendly with everyone he meets, always ready for a chitchat and a snuggle. He can sometimes play a bit rough, so he would best suit a home without small children.

He’s still getting used to living life indoors. For an active boy who’s been living free, it can be a big adjustment, but with lots of playtime and company he’s doing well.

As Bostik is FIV+ and his immune system is weakened, he needs to be kept indoors away from other cats. If you’re interested in bringing the affectionate Bostik into your family, give our shelter a call to make an appointment to come in and meet him.


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