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High demand for desexing help

Oreo was a stray who needed to be desexed before he came in to us. All cats in the CPW shelter are desexed.

CPW's subsidised desexing programme continues to be in high demand.

CPW desexing manager Kim said that  six weeks into 2022, we’ve had 34 applications. Though not all of these result in operations, it shows how many people are reaching out to CPW for support.

Some applications are for people pre-emptively booking in new-born kittens, as we can hold the application until the kittens are old enough. 

Making sure that cats can’t reproduce helps keep down the number of unwanted cats in Wellington. We know the cost of desexing stops many owners from getting their cats fixed. That’s why we help pay for some desexing operations.

With the support of our amazing vets in the Wellington area, we can offer subsidised desexing. The cost depends on the clinic, but for a male cat it will be either $32.50 or $40, and for females either $47.50 or $65.

Find out more about our desexing subsidy.


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