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Mr Magoo melts healts

Mr Magoo enjoys a cuddle with CPW team lead Delwyn.

All eyes are on the miraculous recovery of tiny tabby Mr Magoo. 

After being left for dead and blind on the streets, he absolutely loves the care he gets at the CPW shelter – and can’t stop thanking us!

Mr Magoo was found lost and utterly emaciated by a person out walking her dog near a stream.
He was in a terrible condition and couldn’t open his eyes, so she scooped up the skeletal little bundle and took him home. She kindly cared for him until we were able to bring him into the shelter in March.

Mr Magoo was suffering from malnutrition and severe entropion, which is a very painful eye condition. Our awesome vets at Central Vet Hospital in Brooklyn prescribed eye ointment and lubricants to keep his eyes comfortable until he could be scheduled for surgery. In the meantime, he had a lot of weight to put on, and he has certainly been happy about being encouraged to eat as much as he likes!

Shelter staff also had to establish whether he had an owner he could be returned to. Mr Magoo did have a microchip, but it turned out to be registered in Australia. When the contact information was finally tracked down, it was out of date and no owners could be found.

As Magoo steadily gained weight, he won hearts with his deeply affectionate nature. His favourite thing ever is to be cuddled tight, and he adores being carried around on shoulders. He purrs at the least attention, and loves to have his tummy rubbed. Everyone feels that he’s genuinely grateful to be given a second chance at life.

In April, Magoo got his surgery at Central Vets, and then endured the requisite recovery period inside a headcone.

Over the last couple of months, his eyes have opened, he’s put on a good healthy weight, and he’s chasing toys around. So he’s ready to find a forever foster home.

Mr Magoo’s vision may not ever be perfect, but at least we know there’s light in his life again.

UPDATE: Mr Magoo has since been fostered to a wonderful home with experienced cat carers. He is doing very well.


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