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Countdown to new building

We’re almost there with CPW’s new shelter building! 

CPW, Cranko Architects, and DRD Builders Ltd are onto the last things to do, such as installing a downpipe and heat pump controls, and replacing a door in the laundry.

The contents of our storage unit have been delivered and we now have brand new climbing towers in each of the new cat rooms, storage, and bookcases for our records. Heat pumps and cat doors are installed, as is the fire protection system in both buildings, which includes 24/7 active monitoring.

The fibreglass isolation cages have been delivered, with one bank now in a new cat room and the other in our existing isolation room (now the Little Room of Calm). The four purpose-designed isolation cages in the old iso room are now in our new isolation area. In the best possible way, we hope we never have to use them.

The wall and car park signage has been installed and the paw prints up the side of the new building have led to many smiles already!

For the last couple of weeks individual cats have been trialling the cat rooms for us (though they are not overly forthcoming in their feedback!) and we’ve had two committee meetings in the upstairs space, albeit sitting on picnic chairs until our proper furniture arrives.

Once we have our Code of Compliance, we can officially open the new building, and we look forward to organising a formal opening!

While the fitout is being finished, CPW has been testing the new rooms with some of our special needs cats.

Smokey Joe (above, with Iona) came down to us from Hastings, where he was found as a stray. Once he was diagnosed with FIV, he needed a new home, which he couldn’t find locally.

As well as being FIV+ and anaemic, Smokey Joe has bordetella, which makes him snuffly and contagious. Until now, that would have meant he spent most of his time in our existing isolation room, with only supervised periods of play on the decks when other cats are removed.

Joe’s much more comfortable in one of the new cat rooms, where there’s room for him to exercise while he recovers. The new washing facilities also make it easier to avoid transfer of disease to the other cats.


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