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CPW's oldest foster cat reaches 23

Gypsy had a close bond with Geena, who fostered and loved her for three years.

Geena took on the foster care of a 19 year old Gypsy, understanding that such an elderly cat was unlikely to have much more of a life expectancy. Three years later, Gypsy has sadly passed away, just as she turned 23.

The tiny tortie came into CPW originally in 2016, and was fostered into a very loving home. The original fosterer, Emily, had planned to travel overseas at some point, but was prepared to stay for (then 16 year old) Gypsy’s twilight time, expecting that it wouldn’t be more than a year or so.

Three years later, she had an overseas offer she couldn’t refuse, and very reluctantly came back to CPW for advice. We didn’t want to put the now very elderly Gypsy through another spell in the shelter, so we reached out to our Facebook community for someone who could provide her with care for her remaining time.

At that time, Geena and her mother had recently lost their own Twinkle at 19 (same age as Gypsy), and felt they would be able to provide her with the care she needed. Gypsy had kidney issues and arthritis, and they had managed those issues with Twinkle.

“It’s that thing where I wasn’t looking for a cat to foster,” Geena says, “But we were used to cleaning feet, doing the meds... we weren’t going to get a young kitten, and she needed a good home.”

They took her in directly from Emily (who stayed in touch to keep up with how Gypsy was doing), and didn’t expect that they would have her for very long.

Three years later, Gypsy was testament to the exceptional care she had with both her foster homes. Geena says she led an active life, indoors and out, and was still very motivated by food: “She’s loud and vocal about what she wants.”

When CPW visited to take these pictures, Gypsy was still negotiating the garden and the stairwell, and making a beeline for sunny spots wherever she could find them: “She’s got lots of spunk in her.”
Sadly, just as we were going to press with this story, we heard from Geena that Gypsy had passed away.

CPW’s oldest foster cat won’t be forgotten. Thank you, Geena and Emily, for your loving care in Gypsy’s final years.

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