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Missy ---- Loves other cats

5-10 years


7 years  |  Female  |  Bonded pair  |  Aloof  |  Prefers cat company

 Missy first came to us in Sept 2021 through a small cat rescue in Porirua. She was seen being dumped in Linden. Because of the circumstances her history prior to then is unknown. Missy was then adopted out in Feb 2022 as a buddy for Thomas by a wonderful owner, who has sadly now passed away.

Because she had been poorly treated by humans in her past Missy is very nervous around people and prefers to keep her distance. She much prefers cat company and is very bonded with Thomas so the pair must stay together. She likes to have him in her sight at all times and gets quite upset if they are separated. Missy will need lots of time to build her confidence and trust in a new home so she will need a quiet, patient caregiver that can help her with this. She did sometimes accept pats and sleep on the bed of her owner.

Missy will be happiest in a home with her best friend Thomas. There could be other cats but no dogs, and no children.

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