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Thomas ---- Loves everyone

10+ years


15 years  |  Male  |  Bonded pair  |  Senior foster  |  Friendly  |  Affectionate

Thomas originally come to us through another organisation. They found him as a stray in very poor health. He was adopted out, later joined by Missy, and the pair have enjoyed a wonderful home but sadly the person passed away.

Thomas is a bit of a dude. He is very easy going and pretty much adores anyone he meets. He loves dogs, particularly puppies, he is great with other cats, and he adores children. But unfortunately, none of these things will go well with his friend Missy. Thomas is super affectionate, loves a cuddle, and will be happy just to be loved. He must go home with his friend Missy as she is very attached to him. Thomas has some tummy troubles so is on a special veterinary diet. He has also become diabetic, which means he needs twice daily insulin injections and regular vet checks to monitor his glucose levels.

Due to Thomas's age he is part of our Care for Life foster program. He will be happiest in a home with his friend Missy.

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