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Mog ---- Likes a quiet life

2-5 years


3 years  |  Female  |  Anxious  |  Affectionate when she trusts you

Mog has come to the shelter because after a house move she was struggling to settle in. She had been used to a quiet home with a big garden and the new house was the opposite to that.

Mog can get stressed easily, she likes a quiet life with a solid routine. She was found abandoned on a farm when she was a tiny kitten. Mog is affectionate when she trusts you and loves curling up on a warm lap, and climbing on shoulders. She will need safe outdoor space but is unfortunately a hunter of birds and mice so needs to be homed away from wildlife sanctuaries, and wearing a Smart collar. 

Mog will be happiest as the only pet in a quiet adult home.

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