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Stanley --- Cuddles for Life

10+ years


11 years  |  Male  | Nervous  |  Playful  |  Smoochy  |  Foodie

Stanley has come to the shelter as his family are moving overseas. He has been described as a big character who loves chilling in the sun and playing outside.

Stanley can be quite a nervous cat and easily spooked by loud noises. He can be very smoochie when he feels like it, and enjoys scratches on the head and on the back but would prefer not to be picked up/cuddled. Stanley loves yummy treats and his biscuits, playing with toys and going outside -  whether its lounging in the sun or exploring at night time.

Stanley would be best suited to a home with no children due to his skittish nature but older/quiet children could be ok. He has been described as an alpha male and can lash out at other cats when feeling threatened, so a home with no other pets is a must. Stanley is a hunter of rodents/birds so he would go home with a smart collar and will not be homed near the bush/native bird and wildlife sanctuaries.

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