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Miss Zoe --- Loyal and Loving

10+ years


12 years  |  Female  |  Bonded Pair  |  Loyal  |  Nervous  |  Gentle

Miss Zoe was surrendered to us with her bonded bestie Madame Chloe when their elderly owner was sadly unable to care for them due to their health declining. The pair had been staying in a cattery up north until we had space at the shelter to bring them in to find their new forever homes.

Miss Zoe is a gorgeous wee lady who will need someone with a gentle, loving touch to bring her out of her shell. Zoe has always been a very shy cat who is easily spooked by strangers but is extremely loyal and loving with the ones she trusts. We have been told she loved to curl up on a warm lap and purr up a storm, but also really enjoyed adventuring outside. 

Zoe was born deaf so must go to a very quiet neighbourhood, but is otherwise happy and healthy. Miss Zoe is used to a quiet home and has no experience with other animals or children so would be best suited to a home with an individual/couple living a mellow, chilled out lifestyle. It is unknown whether she is a hunter. Zoe is bonded with Madame Chloe as they've lived all their life together, so must be homed together.

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