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Athrun --- Handsome Dog Lover

10+ years


13 years  |  Male  |  Loyal  |  Affectionate  |  Lap Cat  |  Dog-Lover

Athrun was reluctantly surrendered to us when his owner felt he wasn't living the life he deserved due to a change in home dynamics. Athrun was born in Victoria, Australia and has been quite the traveller over the years but is ready to retire and find the warmest, most loving lap to curl up on for the rest of his days.

Athrun is a chilled, uniquely handsome dude with a huge personality. Athrun is very loyal to his human and a big smoocher. He loves to nap on your lap or sleep in bed with you, and when he's not sleeping, he likes to chill out in the garden or play with toys. He has lived with large dogs in the past and enjoys curling up next to them and even grooming them! Being a white cat, Athrun's skin is prone to developing cancer and he required a bilateral pinnectomy surgery to remove both ears in December of 2021. He has a mild heart murmur that doesn't require medication at this stage and is otherwise happy and healthy.

Athrun is best suited to a home with no other cats as in the past he hasn't got along with them, but a laid-back dog would be ok. He has no experience with children so we wouldn't recommend a young family as he does tend to become short-tempered when overstimulated. Athrun is mainly an indoor boy but does enjoy access to the outside. He's not used to living in a busy area and isn't much of a hunter.

Athrun is a part of our 'Care for Life' program and is a senior foster.

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