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Hazelnut -- Wants someone to trust!

5-10 years


5 years  |  Female  |  Affectionate  |  Playful  |  Shy  |  Bonded pair

Hazelnut was surrendered with Evie as their owners are moving overseas and cannot take them. The two are closely bonded having lived together all their lives, so will be homed together. 

Hazelnut is a gentle and slightly shy girl until she gets to know and trust you. She is described as having a short attention span so she likes playing with toys and sitting on laps but not for long, but when she's in the mood she is a super affectionate girl. Hazelnut likes strokes, head tickles and will head butt you for attention; she also likes being groomed but is not too fussed on being picked up.

She is used to indoor and outdoor access and has no experience of children or of dogs. She has been known to hunt birds from time to time! She will be sent home as a bonded pair with Evie.

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