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Molly Moo -- Snoozy smooch

10+ years


14 years  |  Female  |  Smoochy  |  Affectionate |  Senior foster

Molly Moo was surrendered to us after her owner's living situation changed and they were left homeless. The owner wanted what was best for Molly, and made the heartbreaking decision to bring her to the shelter to find her a new home.

Molly Moo is a sweet old lass who loves to snooze away the day. She is very vocal and chirpy, especially when food is involved. Molly doesn't have many teeth left so she prefers wet food to dry, but otherwise is in great nick for her age. We have been told Molly can be wary of men, but once she feels comfortable she is super affectionate and an all-round chilled out miss.

Molly Moo enjoys cruising around inside as well as lounging about outside, and would prefer a quiet home with indoor/outdoor access. Molly is not a fan of other cats in the shelter, and has no experience with dogs, so will need a home where she is the only pet. Back in the day Molly enjoyed hunting but is less likely to hunt now.

Due to her age, Molly is a senior foster.

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