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Lady Fluffington -- The kitty Houdini

5-10 years


6 years  |  Female  |  Anxious  |  Affectionate 

Lady Fluffington is back at the shelter as her new home were not able to manage her desire to escape and not come back home. Fluff was once a stray found in Island Bay before she came to us the first time, so although she is a total smooch bottom, she still has those stray-like tendencies.

Lady Fluffington is an anxious but sweet girl. We don't know what sort of past she has had but she displays a lot of behaviours of a cat that hasn't been treated well by humans. Despite this, when she is comfortable she is such a sweetheart! She likes to be picked up, cuddled and babied, and will take all the petting you can give. She will need to go to a home that is quiet and patient as she will take time to settle in and build trust. 

She will do best in an adult home with no dogs, she may be ok with another gentle cat. She will need to be kept indoors for an extended time.

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