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Leo: From foster to adoption

Ten year old Mr Tigger was brought to CPW when the owner couldn’t take him into rental accommodation. It’s a traumatic decision for owners and cats both, and sadly we see it often at our shelter.Mr Tigger showed resilience in the shelter, making the best of the situation and settling in patiently. But sadly, it was clear he wouldn’t have a straight-forward adoption.He had ongoing digestive issues and was on vet-prescribed food. He would also need regular vet checkups, so he was accept...

November 1, 2020

Wellington supports CPW street appeal

Wellington people once again proved to be generous on CPW’s annual street appeal day, with thousands of dollars donated to care for our cats. In a post-Covid environment, we thought street collectors would be less successful than in other years because of physical distancing.However, the local community were as willing as ever to approach volunteers, push cash into buckets, and chat about their own cats.More than $5,500 was collected on the streets on Friday 16 Oc...

October 21, 2020

Abbie’s absolute heaven

Tortoiseshell lady Abbie was 14 years old when Wellington’s rental crisis left her without a home of her own.Her owner sadly couldn’t find a place to live where she could keep Abbie, and she came to CPW in March 2018. She was a little shy, but friendly and keen for affection.What she didn’t know was that she was exactly what Carolyn, a former volunteer with CPW, was looking for.Carolyn had volunteered while she was working part-time, and she enjoyed spending time with the cats since she wa...

June 21, 2020

Peppi’s homing miracle

In the first wave of post-Covid demand for our shelter cats, we were thrilled that independent Peppi found her perfect home and family.Peppi is a feisty, intelligent girl who lost her home when her former person went into care. She was taken to the vet to be put down, but the vet brought her to us instead.She waited patiently in our shelter for more than a year for the right folks to come along. And then the perfect couple met her, fell in love, and she adored them right away.We couldn’t have ...

June 21, 2020

Farewell to Heather: A volunteer’s 30 years of love

CPW’s longest-serving volunteer has retired from regular duties at the shelter – after 30 years of service.Heather Campbell has been a part of CPW almost as long as the charity has been in existence, and she is well-known to many of our members and volunteers.She was one of the volunteers involved in Cats Protection League Wellington when it was still at its first location behind the Penthouse Cinema in Brooklyn.She recalls becoming a member of CPL at the National Cat Show at the Wellington ...

May 17, 2020

Mr Gray finds his home at last

Mr Gray had a reputation in the CPW shelter as a bit of a tough. He came in bruised and torn from a grim life on the streets, with an attitude as big as his shoulders. With a question mark over his ragged head about whether he could even be socialised, it wasn’t a promising start for the tabby boy.However, it didn’t take long before pain relief, regular meals and a comfy igloo roof over his head began to mellow Mr Gray’s behaviour toward people.But even as he started to enjoy headrubs and ...

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